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factory, processing, safety, PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, warehouse, Hair Nets, Face Masks, Beard Covers, Shoe Covers, Apron, Economy Jumbo Tissue, Industrial Grit Hand Cleaners, Industrial Strength Gloves
hygiene monitors, manage & audit, countdowns, inspection due, text alerts, customer feedback buttons, personalised options, people counter, battery, mains, programming, infra-red remotes, sleek, simple, storage data indicator, day-night, smart card
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As well as the initial changeover of dispensers, we want to make sure your dispensers always look good.  ​  Our maintenance program makes sure that you have access to replacement dispensers, extra keys and repairs of dispensers when necessary 
Free Delivery 

Email or Call us to open an account today, and you get extra perks like access to Free Delivery and easy payment terms of 20th following.

Opening an account with us takes 5 minutes of your time

Free on Loan Dispensers

A full range of styles and colours available at your request to match your businesses style. Our dispensers are provided Free on Loan so there is no capital outlay involved

Our dispensers are lockable and sleek, providing a pleasing aesthetic feel for your customers and staff

After Sales Support

As Customer Experience is our key objective, your account will be looked after by one of our team members. We ensure that you are looked after from the very first order


With a range of ordering preferences from emails, calls, texting and online ordering, we have the right system for you


As well as the initial changeover of dispensers, we want to make sure your dispensers always look good.

Our maintenance program makes sure that you have access to replacement dispensers, extra keys and repairs of dispensers when necessary 

hot-desking, combined office space, cost effective, easy to use, full solution, office hygiene, air fresh, wet wipes, bin liners, biodegradables, natural resources, stop spread of germs, desk, fridge, keyboard, mouse, mug, door handles, photocopier
Installations & Removals

We take the hassle out of the process of changing over to us. We uninstall old dispensers from your business and replace with our own ensuring a smooth change-over of suppliers.

We understand that our clients need the minimum amount of disruption possible, so we work alongside your needs



Offshoot sprouted in 2012 as a family owned and operated business with one initial idea. To deliver products and services that are proven, give value for money, and will not harm people or the planet.

Whilst our initial idea is still part of our day to day operation, Offshoot has embraced the new era of Environmentally Sustainable Business practices and we strive towards our Vision.

Offshoot works with suppliers who provide sustainable products, options and outsourcing from Manufacturers that are environmentally conscious. This in turn allows for us to provide our customers with products that have Environmental Ticks like ECNZ and FSC giving them the confidence that when they purchase from us they are doing right by the country they live and work in, New Zealand

Offshoot Wipes is a new Division of Offshoot (NZ) Ltd, who supply Paper, Chemicals, Consumables & Dispensers. Offshoot was created in 2012 to fill a gap in the market of unnecessary and frustrating, long-term contracts as opposed to "pay as you go" and "order when you need" consumable requirements. ​ We are still 100% NZ Owned and Operated, and our company Directors and Shareholders are still family members, and part of the daily running of our business. ​ Our Vision when we first started was to "give the best advice and the most cost effective solutions to the NZ market, without compromising Service, Quality or Integrity." We stand by this statement to this day and are proud to have all of our customers on board us. ​ Our new Division of Wipes opens numerous avenues and opportunities for us, but we will continue to serve the market the same way we have always done, without compromise to our key principles and views. ​ ​ ​ Please click below for more information on our Paper & Consumab

Our VISION is to be a company that’s admired for our people, service and accountability, through creating sustainable added-value products and solutions

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Year Established


Sustainable Products


Donations Made From Wet Wipes (Initiated April 2018)


FREE Dispensers Provided





More and more Companies are looking for sustainable options as part of their environmental policies. Let us help you choose the right options for what is important to your business.


Each business is different however, we have a full range of products from toilet paper to hand soap, recycling bins to paper towels to help you towards your environmental goals.

Look for our products marked ECNZ to be assured you are buying the most environmentally friendly range of consumables and look out for products marked Biodegradable / Compostable / Recyclable




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Head Office

13c Vogler Drive

Wiri, Auckland

New Zealand



Tel: 09 972 3839 ext 1

Tel: 022 043 0234

Office Hours - 8.30am - 4pm Mon - Fri
excluding Public Holidays

For any inquiries, questions or a general chat, please call:

0800 123 PLY (759) ext 1

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